Godfall – First Impressions Review


0:00Godfall is a third-person looter action RPG that launched in November, 2020.
0:06Think Warframe, but instead of sci-fi, you play as a God-like warrior with legendary armor sets that change your play style as you battle through elemental planes.
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2:15Back to Godfall, starting with opening cinematics
2:26Gameplay starts now! See TheLazyPeon play.


The graphics and visuals of the game are top tier, absolutely stunning.
The combat animations are really well done and satisfying. Combat as a whole is impactful fun, fast-paced and just made me want to grind packs of mobs over and over again.
I enjoyed the simple crafting and upgrade system in the game. It felt very intuitive and i liked being able to disassemble my useless gear.
16:35Level design
I also liked that the game had an element of exploration and discovery to it with levels not just being one linear path. There is lots of treasure and collectibles to find too.


16:45No minimap
Navigation can be a bit of a pain in the ass at times as there is no mini-map which will annoy some people. But I think no minimap actually adds to the sense of exploration, so some will consider this a “pro” not a “con”.
16:58Story not engaging
During the time i played the game I watched all of the cutscenes and listened to all of the dialogue but so far i haven’t felt overly engaged by the story. I feel like the characters lack personality and i don’t really care about any of them.
17:11No penalty for dying
It feels very strange that there is absolutely zero negative effects or repercussions from dying in this game. If you die to a pack of mobs you can just insta-respawn and finish them off. It is just a bit odd whilst this is great for casual players but there should be at least something to incentivize you to not just body throw.
17:33Bosses suck
The boss’s health will reset to whatever phase you got it down to last time which makes it feel kinda easy. I haven’t felt overly satisfied from defeating any of the bosses in this game yet and I’d rather fight packs of normal mobs than fighter boss when really it should be the other way around.


Overall I have enjoyed my time with Godfall and I think with a few more updates and tweaks it will become a really great looter RPG.
18:047 / 10
I give it a solid 7 out of 10 in its current state. If they improve the combat by making it more challenging and add more skills to benefits different play styles, I may upgrade it to an 8.
18:18First impressions only
I am missing the mid- and end-game content as this is only a first impressions review, not a full review.

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